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Kiosks ( Open Cottages )

Challenge yourself to name all the sea urchins in the world. What's interesting is you can stay, sit and eat in our kiosk's baptized by four classic sea urchins found in the rich marine life of Moalboal. Siyok, Dapaw, Suwaki and Tuyom - these kiosks provide shade and afternoon feast. Want to bring your karaokes? Good. Your free to get funky and sing like Paige, Houston and Aerosmith. Enjoy the classic Filipino beach.

Note: All occupants has additional charge of 50/person for CR and Water usage.


English Name: Pencil Urchin
Scientific Name: Eucidaris tribuloides
Usual Color:Amber
Some Facts:The Pencil Urchin of the Eucidaris genera is also known as the Mine or Club Urchin. It has a brown, sometimes mottled body with stubby, thick spines radiating out in all directions. The spines are surrounded by basal plates. Never try to pry it out of a hole, as you will break its spines before it lets go. As it ages, its spines may become covered with coralline and other types of algae.During the day it will seek shelter in the rocks; at night it will come out and forage for food, looking particularly for algae lawns and smaller invertebrates like sea squirts or sponges. - From


English Name: Caribbean Shortspine Urchin
Scientific Name: Echinometra sp.
Usual Color:Pale Red/Brownish
Some Facts: The Caribbean Shortspine Urchin, or Rock Burrowing Urchin, has an oval to round black body covered with hundreds of uniform, reddish-orange spines. Typically found in the back reef, this night-dwelling algae cleaner is known to burrow small niches in carbonatic rocks (dead corals) to hide. Similar in behavior and appearance to Echinometra sp. also has light rings at the base of each spine, but features longer, thinner, pin-like appendanges. The Caribbean Shortspine Urchin requires ample hiding places and sufficient room in which to forage in the home aquarium. - From


English Name: Pincushion Urchin
Scientific Name: Tripneustes gratilla
Usual Color:Hairy
Some Facts: The Hairy Pincushion Urchin is also known as the Sea Egg, and the Priest-hat Urchin. It has five or ten double rows of white and red spines separated by spaces of red, purple, white or black. To camouflage itself, it often covers itself with rocks, sponges, shells, or algae. In addition to camouflage, this provides shade, and in some cases, a food source. These urchins work wonders in aquariums that suffer from filamentous algae infestation, consuming this undesirable algae quickly. It will generally do well in an aquarium if provided with ample hiding places and a large area in which to move. - From


English Name: Longspine Urchin
Scientific Name: Diadema setosum
Usual Color: Black
Some Facts: The Black Longspine Urchin, also known as Long-spined Sea Urchin, has a body which is predominately black with a red eyespot in the center. The spines on these urchins are long, thin and completely black. They are a very delicate looking urchin, which are actually very capable of protecting itself. These urchins are excellent algae controllers for an aquarium housing aggressive fish. - From