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Camping on the Beach!

Have you ever tried camping with your outrageous friend and large campfire choirs? Try renting our affordable tents. Camp outside and harmonize with the quintessence nature. Watch th stars glitters the night, listen to the melodies of the seas and enjoy the cool night.

Note: We dont have available tents right now. So fee/charge is for GROUND RENTAL which is 300 per tent (regardless of size). All occupants/guests has additional charge of 50/person for CR and Water usage.

Rent Our Tents

We have available tents for rent that comes in different size.

Small Tent
Estimated capacity of 2-3 persons at Php200 per night.
Medium-Sized Tent
Estimated capacity of 3-5 persons at Php300 per night.
Big Tent
Estimated capacity of 5-8 persons at Php500 per night.

Note: Since we only have limited number of tents for now. Rental is first come first serve basis.

Bring Your Own Tents

You can also use your own tent on our resort grounds. Guests using there own tents will only be paying minimal ground rental fees, depending on the size of the tent.

Ground Rental fee ranges from Php200 to Php500 per night.
Note: Contact Us for more details